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~~On the 18th September 2015 the Watoto Foundation School organized a wildlife study tour to Mkomazi National Park to encourage students to discover the joys and challenges of wildlife and promote conservation of wildlife and nature in the country. As part of the initiative, a group of 50 students together with 14 teachers had a tour of Mkomazi National Park for wildlife lessons and nature conservation. During the excursion the students sighted more than 22 species of birds and 11 different animals. Some of the bird species sighted were African hawkeagle, Red billed hornbill, Hadada ibis, common bulbual, black headed oriole, pink backed pelican, harmerkop, black kite and many others. The boys had also good time to visiting Mkomazi Game Sanctuary within Mkomazi National Park.This is a private game sanctuary surrounded by Mkomazi National Park with a view of Pare Mountains and others nearby. Mkomazi Game Sanctuary and the surrounding national park is best known today for their fantastic variety of wildlife including lion, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, wild dog, giraffe, warthog, antelopes and swala tomy, as well as huge variety of plains' games and bird life. Some of the bird species sighted were African hawks eagle, Red billed hornbill, Hadada ibis, Common bulbul, Black headed oriole, Black kite, Pinked pelican, Harmerkop, Black kite, and many others Why teaching students about wildlife conservation is important? Now more than ever, it is important to teach students about the importance of wildlife conservation. Unfortunately today students are constantly engaged in gaming or television and have a minimal connection to nature. Developing and nurturing or appreciation of nature in our students is a fundamental element that safeguards the safety of our wildlife and environment. And as teachers and parents we can get over children involved by teaching hem the value of wildlife conservation. Programs that dedicate their time to help educate future generations on the importance of saving wildlife are one of the best resources for preserving nature. In truth wildlife conservation is reliant on future generation. Not only are students the most open minded but they can make a difference in the future. By teaching children that every animal, and nature and people has the right to life we instill a respect and appreciation of nature. And together families and teachers can educate students about wildlife conservation through schools and through wildlife conservation clubs such as the one at Watoto Foundation School, Makumira, Arusha. Teaching wildlife conservation through fun and interactive education can be an amazing experience for children. It teaches a child about the awareness on sustainability and the damage to nature, animal and the environment. As well teaching students about wildlife conservation ensures that our beautiful country and its matchless will be preserved for future generation. For sure the trip was unique, educational and joyful to both students and teachers who participated as most of them visited Mkomazi National part for the first time. Wildlife is booming. Since the establishment of wildlife club in the Watoto Foundation School the hobby has been growing steadily. A good number of students participate in wildlife and birdwatching events organized by the management of Watoto Foundation school. They venture out to discover the fun of seeing new animals and birds in new places, whether it is a drive through a national park like Mkomazi or a guided walk at a nature reserve. I believe that various students and teachers who went on this trip benefited and the community around will be empowered through knowledge to make positive contributions to wildlife management wherever they will be. The school intends to organize more field trips to encourage students build up interest in the conservation of wildlife and nature.

Credits: The Arusha Times

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